Blue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America

Oldsmobiling with Fun and Friendship

August 11th 2013 was a Great Day for the Blue/Gray Chapter of the Oldsmobile Club of America as we hosted for the first time a show with other makes than just Oldsmobile.

We invited our "Cousins" both Buicks and Pontiacs to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the AACA Hershey Antique Auto Museum. We the Blue/Gray Chapter are proud to have planted a memorial tree on the grounds of the museum many years ago and it was a pleasure to come back to see both the growth of our tree, the museum and attendance at our show!

Our day started very early, in fact at sunrise for Past President Rick Tice and his bride Sharon as they brought us a beautiful sample of their stable including a rolling stock from a 1928 Oldsmobile in untouched rare original condition, the 1976 Hurst Olds Prototype that was never produced and in fact destroyed and found in a "Junk Yard" then brought back to life. They also gave our spectators a glimpse of a 1932 Oldsmobile Coupe in the works along with a very rare Hurst Olds Areo Coupe and one of my favorites a stunning 1962 olds F-85 Cutlass in Robin Egg Blue.

This set the stage for a fantastic show featuring the most sought after Oldsmobile, Buick and Pontiac automobiles traveling from 5 states to attend our show. We featured 60 vehicles for the day and with Buick celebrating their 100th anniversary with a special display in the museum this was a fitting tribute.

Winners of the show included a very rare colored Pontiac GTO Judge model in a silver special order paint scheme, also in Pontiac a Indy Trans Am Turbo took second place in their division. At Buick two Gran Sport cars sealed the deal with first to a beautiful teal colored Gran Sport 455 convertible with an outstanding white interior and top and second was a real standout Gran Sport Coupe in a wild orange colored body with many performance additions.

Oldsmobile was at it's best without a doubt as several cars were declared not available for judging as they were AACA Certified and winners included an outstanding 1970 W-30 Black 442 in pristine condition, and super 1955 Olds Rocket 88 with cruiser skirts and a continental package.

The "Presidents Pick" for Best Of Show was given to Ron and Jean Murmmet for a near showroom 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible in a beautiful target red with stunning white leather interior which appears to have never been driven.

Most Original Unrestored Automobile was a 1964 Buick Riviera that was never painted with the exception of a slight collision in it's life in the rear quarter tail, all original interior and just a fine example of a very rare car!!

Carl from "Fryers on Tires" was our food vendor for the day and he, his wife and son served fantastic homemade food fast and hot to all of our friends and they also made a nice donation back to our Chapter for our Scholarship Fund.

Our Hosts at the AACA Museum including David our leasion And Mike and the entire museum staff made us feel at home and could not do enough for us to help make the show a success. Please if in the area stop and enjoy and support the AACA Museum as it is a National Treasure!!

We are planning next years event and may add Cadillac to complete the circle of life for the best GM Automobiles of days gone by!!

My Thanks to everyone who registered and to all who supported and help run this event.

Rich Saullo President.